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The arrival of summer brings us plenty of warm weather, outdoor activities, frozen desserts, and, of course, a variety of new construction projects! In fact, many construction companies anticipate summer as the busiest part of the year, and they depend on favourable forecasts to help them execute projects that will improve vital infrastructure in towns and cities. Read More

Portable Traffic Signal

It can be challenging to choreograph the logistics of a new development or project in the best of times, and it can be even more difficult to start construction work in a lively city centre. Read More

Low Visibility Road

As we welcome spring and enjoy some warm-weather activities, there's no better time to celebrate our continued safety efforts: After all, 'tis the season for roadwork. Read More

Visibility is a crucial component of safety on roadways. Regardless of whether you’re a pedestrian, driver, or a road worker, knowing what’s ahead increases your safety, as well as the safety of those around you. Read More

As January turns to February, some folks across North America are gearing up for another phase of winter. The thermometer can continue to drop in February, and chilly temperatures often bring more heavy snow fall and ice storms to various towns, cities, and states. Read More

A New Year means invigorated planning efforts within our company. A new start to the year gives us (and you!) an opportunity to revisit what worked well in the past and to consider where our efforts might be focused in the future. Read More

Safety is always in season at North America Traffic. With the PTL2.4X Portable Traffic Light, roadside workers are provided with safety and durability at all times of the year. Read More

I recently obtained the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on Fatal Occupational Injuries to Flaggers at road construction sites. In 2016, 10 flagger deaths were reported. Read More

The MUTCD tells us who can do a flaggers’ job with specific qualifications, how he or she shall direct traffic with a stop/slow paddle, what to wear for high-visibility apparel, and where to stand, but the MUTCD does not tell us when to use flaggers under high-risk work zone conditions. Read More