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Portable Stop Light

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  • Our Portable Traffic Signals can be towed two in tandem
  • Two AFADs can be locked together for towing as one unified trailer 
  • Easy setup in minutes

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  • The safety of flaggers is enhanced by keeping them away from moving traffic in a work zone
  • LED lights for increased visibility to drivers
  • Available intrusion alarms to signal the job site that a vehicle has unsafely entered the work zone
  • Available video monitoring for security of equipment and workers

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Portable Stop Light

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About Us

North America Traffic Inc. (formerly R.C. Flagman Inc.) was formed in 1994 as an entrepreneurial venture founded on the invention of the world’s first Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD). Being at the forefront of advancements in solar, LED, battery, and PLC technologies allowed us to expand our product development efforts towards Portable Traffic Signals and other trailer-mounted, automated signaling devices. Improving the safety of workers in all types of work zones and applications has always been at the core of our marketing messages and innovation concepts. We truly believe that when properly utilized, disruptive technologies can be used to improve the lives of workers and bring new efficiencies to businesses.

Our corporate culture was built on 5 Core Values – Effectiveness, Innovation, Sense of Pride, Commitment, and Integrity – which continue to act as the foundational building blocks for continued growth and longevity in the marketplace.

Formed in 1994
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