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Focused on core values and superior quality, our staff work hard to meet our customers’ demand for portable traffic signals and automated flagger assistance devices.


Peter Vieveen

Peter Vieveen, CET

Dave Cornish

Dave Cornish

Vice President of Operations
Angela Verde

Angela Verde

Vice President of Sales

Product Development

Jonathan Abraham

Jonathan Abraham

Manager of Product Development
Devin Lunshof

Devin Lunshof

Product Development Technician
Brandon McDow

Brandon McDow

Mechanical Design Technologist


Darlene  Newstead

Darlene Newstead

Administrative Assistant

Manufacturing Plant

Adam Nicholls

Adam Nicholls

Welding Lead Hand
Adam  Heffern

Adam Heffern

Assembly Technician Lead Hand/Technical Support
Dylan  Smith

Dylan Smith

Assembly Technician/Technical Support
Gina  Cavasin

Gina Cavasin

Supply Chain Specialist