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Our Core Values: Stronger Than Ever

It's been 28 years since North America Traffic created the world’s first Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD). Even after all this time, our core values still stand as strong as ever. We're inspired by our mission towards success and reminded of just how important our work is in this world. With new products and services always on our mind, North America Traffic is working harder than ever.

Our auto-flagger may have led the way for us when we were first getting started, but North America Traffic is looking forward to a long future ahead. Our temporary traffic control signals are only the beginning.

Our core values are simple: commitment, integrity, innovation, effectiveness, and a sense of pride. This blog will describe what each of these ideals means to us, and how North America Traffic continues to utilize them each day.


At North America Traffic, we’re committed to excellence, great quality, and safety. Roadside assistance is something that must be handled with the utmost care. On top of that, North America’s intense weather conditions mean that our products must stand the test of time, without compromise. We deliver that quality every single time.

With that commitment comes customer service. We offer 24/7 technical support from our experts, so when you pick North America Traffic for your Auto-Flagger and Temporary Traffic Control Signal, you're making a choice you can trust.


Our innovative and safe solutions represent our commitment to integrity. With everything we do, we give our best. We’ve always been right on the cusp with the rise of the AFAD because we’re determined to keep North America safe.

All of our products are reliable, strong and uphold North America Traffic’s reputation for being the premiere choice for temporary traffic signals. We’re the industry leader because we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards we can. Our beginnings may have been humble, but our integrity has always been strong.


As pioneers in the field, we’re no stranger to being ahead of the curve. We firmly believe that disruptive, innovative technologies can supply new methods of efficiency for businesses and humanity alike. When we became the world’s first Auto Flagger designer, we knew we were doing something important. We’ve been redefining safety since 1994.


One of our goals with being effective is to be completely transparent and supportive in your purchase of North America Traffic’s products. That’s why our cost savings system exists today. We wanted our customers to have a tool they could use to see just how effective North America Traffic is. This tracker will help you project your long-term savings when you choose us for your temporary traffic control signals and auto flagger.

Our products are effective because their backups have backups. AFADs have helped keep citizens safe over the years, and we intend to keep that trend going.

Sense of Pride

Our products are designed to be intuitive to the user and a perfect fit for the problem. If we aren’t 100% proud of what we’ve done, we’ll head back to the drawing board. While supply chains have become more aggressive in recent years, North America Traffic is proud to still be able to deliver swift, reliable, and effective service every single time our clients call. With our experience and product line, we’re working hard on improving worker and pedestrian safety across North America.

The North America Traffic Difference

Ultimately, when it comes to our clients, there’s no compromising on our core values. We deliver quality service across North America and have been for nearly 30 years. It’s all we do, and we do it the best.

When you choose North America for traffic direction, you’re choosing a company that North America trusts as the premiere choice for traffic direction. Contact us today and one of our dedicated team members will be able to help. We'll connect you with the resources you need and help you take the next step and lead the way to safety on the road.