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Make School Zones and Work Zones Safe for Pedestrians

Let’s face it: September is a busy month for everyone! But, with school just starting and construction still booming, our team wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to stay safe in school and on the road.

Whether you’re a parent, worker or community member, it’s important to practice patience in and around work zones and school zones. Obeying road signs and workers will create safe environments for not only workers, but also pedestrians.

 So, if you’re heading back to work, dropping off the kids at school, or simply driving in the city, North America Traffic is here to help make September safer. Today, we’re sharing how the PED2.9 portable pedestrian signal can be used in conjunction with our Portable Traffic Signals to help make busy construction zones safer for pedestrians and workers alike.

Use a Portable Pedestrian Signal for a Safer September

Did you know that, according to data collected by the OECD, pedestrians are more likely than motorcyclists and bicyclists to suffer an injury or fatality on the road? A busy construction zone can make workers and pedestrians increasingly vulnerable to distracted drivers during peak construction seasons and working hours. So, despite having the proper signage and signals around school zones, sometimes, signs are not enough to prevent distracted or impatient drivers from making mistakes. In fact, a 2019 poll conducted by the CAA showed that 25% of drivers have witnessed a “near miss” accident involving a child in a school zone.

So, how do we continue to protect children returning to school from school and work-zone related risks? Luckily, both workers and parents can do their part to implement not only proper equipment, but also safe habits to ensure that pedestrians are safe during construction. In addition to North America Traffic’s portable temporary traffic signals and AFADs (Automated Flagger Assistance Devices), the PED2.9 portable pedestrian signal can be installed alongside to provide additional support to residential construction areas.

The PED2.9 is designed to operate with a portable traffic signal. Here are just some of the features that make the PED2.9 perfect for use on construction sites that are close to school zones, or anywhere that visibility is limited and crosswalks are scarce:

  • MUTCD compliant LED Light: The PED2.9 uses an LED light for its signal display and countdown timer, which means that it is easy to see, recognize and obey by people of all ages. Because the PED2.9 is designed based on the MUTCD’s standards, it is readily accepted by citizens and easily operated by workers.
  • Piezo pedestrian push button: When pushed, the push button will signal the user’s intent to walk so that the machine can process the request at the appropriate interval and allow pedestrians to cross safely.
  • 21-day operation without sun: Faulty equipment can cost workers time, money and even their lives. North America Traffic’s products are manufactured with solar panels to help assist in your machine’s daily operation, which can last up to three weeks without direct sunlight to keep children and pedestrians safe during those rainy, back-to-school days!

Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Work Zones and Schools Zones

If you think your construction zone could use a little extra safety this September, contact North America Traffic to get your quote today! Our team would love to learn more about your application to help you make safety part of your work day.