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If you need to manage traffic in a work zone with a lane closure, and there are driveways within that zone, the DAD 3.9 Driveway Assistance Device is the solution for you! Read More

This month, we examine how the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act represents a victory for road workers in the province. Read More

Whether you’re a parent, worker or community member, it’s important to practice patience in and around work zones and school zones. Obeying road signs and workers will create safe environments for not only workers, but also pedestrians. Read More

This month, we’re sharing some of our company’s development, including past milestones and the ongoing innovation of our products and services. Read More

Don’t wait for the end of summer to start making changes around your job site! North America Traffic’s PTL2.4x provide construction companies with an effective way to prevent struck-bys on their job site. Read More

Help drivers stay alert and approach work sites safely by incorporating the AWF2.8 into your next project. THis portable traffic signal acts as a buffer between workers and drivers by communicating that drivers are within close range to the job site. Read More

Our portable traffic signals have been used across the continent to replace existing traffic lights on various road projects. And, while they’re also known as temporary traffic signals, the PTL2.4x can be used for short and long-term projects. Read More

As we begin to see an increase in road work in residential and high-traffic areas, it’s important for communities across North America to make an effort to keep roads, and the people who work on them, safe. Read More

In addition to expanding public awareness, road safety, and traffic control device usage, we’re thrilled to see that some states and municipalities in North America have been updating government legislation to include positive protection measures. Read More