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Does Your Urban Construction Zone Have Temporary Traffic Signals?

Portable Traffic Signal Portable Traffic Signal

It can be challenging to choreograph the logistics of a new development or project in the best of times, and it can be even more difficult to start construction work in a lively city centre. However, one thing urban areas from the West coast to the East coast all have in common is that they must contend with the many moving parts of a construction site: this includes safety, productivity, and budget.

Long-term construction sites require increased safety measures and protocols to keep projects on-track and employees and civilians safe. Site managers should carefully consider the frequency of pedestrians and drivers who are passing through the area. A highly visible, and portable, temporary traffic signal gives workers and civilians the confidence they need to pass safely through the construction zone.

How Temporary Traffic Signals Promote Job-Site Safety

Did you know that on average, roughly 5,000 workers will die in a work-zone related accident every year? Long-term projects on a large scale will cause lane closures, intersection congestion and frustration. Workers competing with multiple distractions are vulnerable to many dangers during their day; the most effective way to eliminate distractions is to use a temporary traffic signal. Portable traffic lights are compact, yet visible, and alert drivers to oncoming construction without impeding workflow.

According to the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA)’s journal, a busy work site is host to a plethora of challenges. One article by IMSA lists “costs to the public,” and “maintaining a margin of profit for the contractor doing the work” as contributing elements of tension in a work zone. These monetary concerns compete with exterior factors like pedestrian and commuter safety. Employers are responsible for finishing projects on time and on budget, but they are also in charge of maintaining public safety, too.  

In addition to keeping workers safe, a portable traffic signal does the following:

1.     prevents delay and disruption to public commuters.

2.     maintains a safe environment for the public, and the workers who pass through the work zone.

Temporary Traffic Signals by North America Traffic are easy to operate and customizable, which means you can spend less time worrying and more time managing your job site. Implementing proper equipment, and making sure that your employees follow protocol, will greatly reduce the risk of on-site accidents by ensuring everyone stays safe and focused on the job.  

Temporary Traffic Signals are Cost-Effective and Efficient

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration reports that, “In addition to vehicular crashes and fatalities, the leading cause of death in the road and bridge construction sector are run overs, back overs, and falls. Simply put: drivers, passengers, and construction workers are all at risk.” Therefore, it’s crucial to get workers off the road. The range of products developed by North America Traffic provides an opportunity to minimize the number of workers required in and around a job site. Our products alleviate job site tension associated with physical well-being. We’ve created custom solutions that outfit urban work zones with safe, effective, and cost-friendly solutions.

The PTL 2.4X temporary traffic signal and the RCF 3.4 portable lane control signal are both designed to increase safety and keep traffic moving through the job site.

PTL 2.4X:

·       Install up to twenty signal trailers on a single site – ideal for work zones that are near intersecting driveways and/or side roads.

·       Dual head portable, temporary traffic signal provides increased visibility.

·       Radio communication capability of one mile (1.6 km).

·       Up to 30 days of continuous operation without sunlight.

RCF 3.4:

·       LED lights offer increased visibility and will operate for up to 100,000 hours.

·       Lightweight, compact design makes the RCF 3.4 easy to move. Single person set-up in under 5 minutes.

·       Up to 21 days of continuous operation without sunlight.

Both Models:

·       The PTL 2.4X and the RCF 3.4 both have large, full-colour display- 480p LCD display. Menus are easy to read and have an intuitive setup process.

·       Compliant with both the MUTCD and NEMA TS-5 standards.

·       USB Drives let you backup your traffic control plans so that you can download log files and performance history and keep track of your data.

·       The RCF 3.4 can interact with the PTL 2.4x for unique or complex applications.

Temporary traffic signals are an easy way to maintain order on your construction site. Don’t risk worker’s lives or make pedestrians second-guess their own safety: a portable temporary traffic signal will keep everyone safe by directing traffic at an appropriate pace.

Every Construction Zone has a Space for Safety

We’re on a mission to make safety simple. North America Traffic produces user-friendly products with an efficient set-up design for busy construction sites. Portable temporary traffic signals will increase safety without driving up costs or cutting into project time. We also offer a variety of add-ons to customize your temporary traffic signals to suit the needs of your unique job site. Contact us today to get in touch with our dedicated team of specialists and to learn more about how you can make safety a part of your daily operation.