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North America Traffic, is experiencing a dramatic increase in requests for their portable traffic signals since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law. To date, sales 250% higher than the same time last year. Read More

To reduce air pollution, Bermuda removed 30 maintenance vehicles from the road, challenging workers to complete their jobs with fewer resources. To free up workers responsible for traffic control, the government Read More

The Florida Department of Transportation added the automated flagging assistive device (AFAD), RC Flagman, to its Qualified Products List. The addition is a result of positive comments received from the workers and motorists during a five month milling and resurfacing project. Read More

North America Traffic customized their RCF 2.4 model to create a new model, the MST 2.7, which can communicate with radiation detection equipment so that the Department can control inter-port traffic at the seaports around the country. Read More

The U.S. Marine Corps began using six of the devices at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq last year and has added 12 more devices so far this year. In addition, the U.S. Army recently began evaluating two of the devices and the military police at Fort Leonard Wood Read More

In January, North America Traffic introduced the newest model of its portable traffic signal to the construction market. The PTL 2.4x, which replaces the PTL 2.4, offers the same benefits to contractors as its predecessor: cost savings Read More

Construction safety is becoming more of a priority for government, construction companies and machine operators. There are a number of reasons for this including: concerns related to liability and unemployment rates going down. Read More

We have accomplished a lot over the last 25 years – first as R.C. Flagman and later, as North America Traffic. I say “we” because you cannot have success without having good people around you. I have always had fantastic employees, suppliers Read More