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When a plan comes together

“We recently had a unique traffic light setup. The city, at first, was a little skeptical.  As always, North America Traffic helped every step of the way. We are long time customers of North America Traffic and again were really impressed with the amazing customer service they provided. Jess, their representative, was a key part of our experience, and she was incredibly helpful. Jess took the time to understand our needs, answered all our questions, and made sure we got the right product for our customer. Her quick responses and knowledge made everything easy. Thanks to Jess and the great team at North America Traffic, we got the city on board, installed the unique setup without issue, and have another happy customer. We're excited to continue working with this fantastic company.”

 Ben Ashton – Barricade Traffic Services

In September 2023 a project requiring portable traffic signals with a pedestrian accommodation in Toronto, ON began. Pedestrian accommodations are not common in work zones as generally pedestrians are kept out of a work zone. However, sometimes it is unavoidable like in downtown Toronto.

One of North America Traffic’s dealers questioned if our signals are capable of this accommodation. The answer was, they definitely are capable. Once the City received the plan, the engineer became nervous that portable signals were not capable of this type of accommodation.

The city had many questions about how the signals would communicate and how the pedestrian actuation worked. They were concerned it wouldn’t work like a permanent or even a temporary pole mounted set up. Once we explained it is exactly like the permanent set up and that the machines, four in this case, can all communicate together, their fears were alleviated.

Up to 20 North America Traffic portable traffic signals can communicate together on a single job site. The signals can be set up in many scenarios from simple to highly complex. Many engineers believe only two portable signals can be used together only on a one-way alternating zone. North America Traffic takes pride in continuing to educate engineers, traffic control companies, contractors etc on the extensive capabilities of portable traffic signals.

If any user of North America Traffic’s signals needs assistance with programming, we can upload to a USB which can then be transferred directly into the controller of the primary machine and designate the rest of the machines for the appropriate layout.

Below is what this particular pedestrian accommodation looked like on the bid plans:

The work zone is now up and running and you can see in the picture above it works just like any other permanent crosswalk.

We love it when a plan comes together and so do our dealers

Here at North Amercica Traffic we are always available 24/7 with our Tech Line to provide product support to our customers when they are on site doing a set up.

Do you have a work zone we need to see? Contact us or send us pictures, we will proudly post them on our social media.

Teamwork makes the dream work!