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Automated Flaggers - Revolutionizing Traffic Management Across North America

In the dynamic world of construction and roadwork, innovation takes center stage. From the expansive landscapes of British Columbia to the bustling roads of Florida, North America is witnessing a transformative shift with the widespread adoption of Automated Flaggers.

Join us as we explore the increasing reliance on North America Traffic’s cutting-edge Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs), delving into their functionality, recent installations, and the substantial benefits they bring to the forefront of traffic management equipment.

The Intelligent Evolution of Traffic Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of traffic management equipment, Automated Flagger Assistance Devices, commonly known as AFADs harness the power of advanced technologies to revolutionize the way we approach traffic control. Unlike traditional flagging, AFADs seamlessly integrate cutting-edge features to provide a safer, more efficient solution for managing traffic flow.

Controlled remotely by a Traffic Control Person from a safe distance, AFADs have become essential components on construction sites, highways, and other locations commonly staffed by flaggers throughout North America.

The intelligent evolution of traffic control through AFADs represents a significant leap forward, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and reliability of traffic management processes. As we embrace this era of innovation, smart AFADs stand as the vanguard, leading the way to a future where traffic control is not just a task but a seamlessly integrated and intelligent system.

Recent Installations Showcasing AFAD Excellence

Recent installations of North America Traffic's AFADs stand as compelling testaments to the efficacy and reliability of these devices. In Alachua County, a prime illustration of the transformative impact of AFADs on traffic management has unfolded. Here, the implementation has not only achieved notable improvements in efficiency but has also marked a substantial enhancement in safety measures. The community has experienced firsthand the tangible benefits of AFAD technology, where streamlined traffic control processes have resulted in smoother operations and reduced risks.

Similarly, in the scenic landscapes of British Columbia, AFADs have found a pivotal role in optimizing traffic control on highways. The commitment to embracing automated flaggers underscores their recognized importance in enhancing overall traffic management strategies. British Columbia's endorsement serves as a model for the integration of AFADs in diverse geographical and operational contexts, reinforcing their adaptability and effectiveness across varied settings.

These real-world implementations highlight AFADs as indispensable tools for modern traffic management, transcending geographic boundaries and operational scopes. The positive outcomes observed in Alachua County and British Columbia echo the broader industry sentiment – that AFADs are not merely technological innovations but practical solutions delivering tangible benefits. As more regions and authorities embrace the potential of AFADs, the momentum builds for a paradigm shift in how we approach and execute traffic control on construction sites, highways, and various roadwork projects.

Unveiling the Benefits of AFADs

  1. Enhanced Safety

North America Traffic’s RCF 2.4 Automated Flagger Assistance Device, developed over three decades ago, maintains its recognition today as the preeminent choice for ensuring safety in temporary, short-term work-zone traffic control.

AFADs create a safer working environment for both construction crews and motorists. This heightened focus on safety proves particularly crucial in the dynamic and often challenging conditions encountered on construction sites and during roadwork projects. Of notable significance is the positive impact on the safety of human flaggers. AFADs reduce the direct exposure of flaggers to potential hazards, enhancing their overall safety and well-being.

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions

AFAD traffic control presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional flagging systems, offering a strategic optimization of resources without compromising safety standards. The automation of flagging operations reduces the manpower required for traffic control, resulting in cost savings for construction projects. Furthermore, the reliability and longevity of AFADs contribute to a reduction in maintenance costs over time, making them a prudent investment for long-term traffic management strategies. As construction and roadwork projects seek solutions that balance effectiveness with financial considerations, automated flagging systems emerge as a pivotal choice, delivering both operational excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Enhance AFAD Efficiency: Exploring Add-On Options

Video Monitoring

Experience heightened security for your work zones with our AFAD Video Monitoring add-on.

Boasting high-definition (1080p) recording capabilities, this feature significantly enhances safety for both equipment and personnel in work zones. The optional 4G LTE remote access takes this safety aspect further by enabling real-time monitoring of work zones from a distance.

Moreover, the standard video storage capacity of up to 384 hours (16 days) ensures comprehensive record-keeping of activities on-site. For longer projects, the expandable storage capacity to 768 hours (32 days) becomes particularly beneficial, eliminating the risk of overwriting and ensuring the continuous capture of data.

Intrusion Alarm

The addition of an intrusion alarm to our AFADs introduces a vital safety layer. Equipped with an infrared beam sensor, this feature triggers an immediate alarm across the job site if the beam is disrupted. This rapid notification helps prevent accidents by promptly alerting workers to any unsafe entry by vehicles or pedestrians.

The intrusion alarm is more than an add-on; it's a proactive safety measure, reinforcing AFADs' protective capabilities for a secure work environment.

Directional Antenna

Boosting communication reliability in situations where the standard omni-directional antenna may have limitations, the directional antenna is a noteworthy enhancement for our AFADs.

Its swift plug-and-play installation ensures efficient utilization, providing communication coverage spanning 2 to 7 miles (with a clear line-of-sight), contingent on the signal model. Explore further details about this valuable add-on.

Wireless Video System

Revolutionizing operator safety within work vehicles, our AFADs feature the cutting-edge wireless video system as a crucial add-on.

The hub station, complete with antennas, wireless receivers, display screens, and a power supply, facilitates visual monitoring and traffic control at a remarkable distance of up to three-quarters of a mile. This innovative capability ensures that the traffic control person can wirelessly receive video feeds from both ends of the work zone, significantly enhancing situational awareness and control.

AGM Batteries

Enhancing reliability, our AFADs can be equipped with AGM batteries, offering a low-maintenance solution with autonomy comparable to flooded lead acid batteries while providing superior resistance to freezing temperatures.

Tandem Tow Option

Enhancing flexibility, our AFADs offer a tandem tow option for models manufactured after August 2021. This add-on feature provides a tandem towing configuration, allowing for increased efficiency and convenience in transporting and deploying AFADs.

Your Gateway to Smart Traffic Management

As a leader in the industry, North America Traffic is proud to present our state-of-the-art RCF2-4 Automated Flagger Assistance Device. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this AFAD is tailored to meet the diverse needs of construction sites, highways, and more.

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