ISO 9001:2008American traffic safety Services Association

PTL 2.4x Portable Traffic Signal

Dual signal heads with custom features and controls
tailored to your applications

Reliable 365-day operation • Cost-effective • USA: MUTCD compliant •
Canada: HWTA and Book 7 compliant




  • User friendly setup and configuration
  • Power extendable mast arm
  • Electric powered system raises signal post


  • Manufactured in ISO certified facility
  • Durable aluminum signal pole
  • 1 year factory warranty
  • Powerful radio communication system



  • Thousands of projects and counting
  • Up to 30 days of operation without sunlight

Hand Held Remote Control

Allows your workers to stop and start traffic at anytime with the push of a button. When your crew needs to bring a truck into the open lane they just push the Red button to stop the oncoming cars and the green button to restart automatic control

Traffic Detection

Video detection and microwave sensor systems are available. Improves traffic flow through the workzone by detecting vehicles and adjusting the timing based on the traffic volume

Emergency Preemption Sensors

Detects any emergency vehicle. Audible and optical detection systems are available. The sensors will tell the signals to give the right of way to the approaching emergency vehicle

Emergency Cellular Response/GPS

Sends a text message to your cell phone if there is ever a problem with the signal. The devices will also log these notices on a secure web server with the time, date and GPS location. The GPS module will allow you to track the location of the units at anytime

Battery Upgrade

Provides your portable traffic signal with 25% more battery capacity. This will allow you to operate for longer periods of time under poor weather conditions

Knock Down Option

Special hardware allows for direct connection to existing traffic signal controllers. This allows the user to easily tie into an existing intersection in the event that there has been a signal failure.

Ped Head (Portable Pedestrian Crossing Signal)

Keep pedestrians safe during construction projects with high intensity Walk and Stop signals integrated with your portable traffic light system. (Learn more here.)


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