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Advanced Warning Flasher


Safety is and always has been our number one priority. Work zones can be dangerous and drivers need to be completely focused any time they approach one. The AWF 2.8 Advanced Warning Flasher is designed to communicate with our other signaling devices and provide advance warning to drivers that they need to slow down for a work zone ahead or can be used independently. Reliable communication from our traffic lights provides a signal to the AWF which begins a warning flash pattern, triggering the motorist’s attention well in advance of the work zone.
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  • Small footprint and lightweight design
  • Compliant with the NEMA TS-5 Environmental Standards
  • User-friendly controller
  • Quick set up time
  • Power is supplied by a bank of batteries with a 120 volt charger
  • 12” yellow LED lamps mounted in a horizontal configuration, positioned on either side of the warning sign
  • 21 day operation without sun
  • 100 watt solar array
  • 8 batteries – 6 volt deep cycle


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What They're Saying

We are very impressed with the North America Traffic light duty temporary traffic signals.  The user interface is intuitive so programming is simple and fast.  Because the controllers are built into each unit we don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the controller. Additionally, all of the programming can be done from one unit rather than taking the controller to each unit for programming. Their lighter weight also makes them easy to maneuver in the field and the set up takes less than two minutes. The light duty units are by far the best and easiest signals we’ve used.

Lisa Pollitt
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