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Automated Traffic Control Made Easy

North America Traffic introduced the industry’s first AFAD, the Remote Controlled Flagman, in 1994. Since then, our product development team has worked closely with DOT staff and contractors throughout North America to create a full range of automated traffic control devices for every application.

At every step, North America Traffic has advanced the industry with increasingly versatile, premium quality products that achieve new levels of simplicity for practical, onsite efficiency.

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

RCF 2.4 – Compliant flagging device to assist flagging operations while improving safety and reducing costs 

RCF 2.4HD – Heavy-duty AFAD designed for longer run times and tougher environments

Portable Traffic Signals

PTL 2.4x –Dual signal heads with custom features, unlimited runtime and controls tailored to your applications

PTL 2.4LD –Dual Signal Head design, lightweight and compact for your Short-Term Traffic Control needs

RCF 3.4 – Fast, simple single-head signal designed to operate 24/7