ISO 9001:2008American traffic safety Services Association

The Responsive Source for Portable and Emergency Traffic Controls

North America Traffic simplifies the complexities of federal, state, regional and local standards with highly efficient, user-friendly signals and flagging devices for every requirement.

Our equipment adapts easily to road and safety needs for any application or location. We begin with road-proven equipment and equip them only with the most reliable, efficient components to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Compliant with MUTCD specifications
  • Accepted for use by the US armed forces, Homeland Security and FEMA
  • Flexible customization with simple plug-in modules and user-friendly setup
  • Year-round autonomy with highly efficient, 4-season power components
  • Versatile application with flexible primary unit designation and remote-control configurations
  • Responsive factory support anywhere in North America

Make North America Traffic your standard for:

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Portable Traffic Signals

Contact us for qualified assistance in configuring a signal system for purchase or developing a standards-based specification to meet local needs for your project.