ISO 9001:2008American traffic safety Services Association

Cost-Saving Efficiency In Portable Traffic Control

  • High-efficiency solar arrays are optimized for energy capture
  • Portable signal panels can be angled up to 60° shed rain, snow and dust to keep solar array clean
  • Deep-cycle battery pack can store over 1840 amp-hours of operating power
  • Up to 40% more productive than comparable systems
  • End-to-end 12VDC components are custom-built for portable applications
  • Eliminate DC-to-AC conversion losses from panels to controllers and signals
  • Set & forget: full autonomy for extended periods without recharging or sunlight
  • Autodimming available to extend battery life
  • Reliable 4-season components allow continuous unattended operation all year
  • Easy time-saving setup by one person in minutes or less
  • Simple, fast programming for synchronized units; designate any unit as the primary

 If you’re sold on efficiency,