ISO 9001:2008American traffic safety Services Association

North America’s Safety And Quality Standard For Portable Traffic Control

  • The Federal MUTCD AFAD (Red/Yellow lens) standard adopted in 2009 is based on the RCF 2.4 specifications
  • DOT-accepted for use in 40+ states; with approvals pending in the remaining states
  • Accepted for use across most of Canada with approvals pending in remaining provinces
  • Compliant with Ontario Transport Ministry Book 7 and Canada’s Highway Traffic Act
  • ITE-certified signals (Institute of Transportation Engineers)
  • NEMA-TS2 enclosures for all electrical components
  • Qualified to military specifications; in service with US Marine Corps and US Army
  • Approved and in inventory with US Homeland Security and FEMA
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing and development facility
  • Will build to suit any functional or operational standard

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